Product Photography Retouching and editing

Clipping layer mask

This process is basically tracing the subject to "strip" the subject from the background, so you can drop the product/ subject on different backgrounds. 


Color adjustment

Camera white balance setting, lighting and lighting modifiers and both produce inaccurate colors compare with the subject's real color. Here at Rare Studio LA, we use X-rite color checker so you will have the best color reproduction of your product. After making sure your color is accurate, we will adjust the contrast, highlights and shadows to make sure they look even better than the real thing.



This process is to remove imperfections on the product. Instances like removing dust, scratch, unwanted reflections... For high-end clients, making sure the product is "pixel perfect".



Certain product requires specific lighting for certain parts and then compositing into one image so the product will have the "perfect" lighting that is physically impossible to do.